Music, music, sweet music from Africa, where we get the prefix ‘afro…’ And today we talk about it, inclining towards ‘-soul’.

At my age, everyone thinks am a weird one but there is a reason I love Afrosoul, and basically, afromusic. Just as the name suggests, the music is soulful and behind the rythm is the mellow, natural and crispy voices from Africa.

We talk of Sautisol, the Kenyan boyband which is made up of four gentlemen. From them we put much concentration on their ‘Mwanzo’ album. Listening to it will make a day beautiful. These four lads know how to get to their audience’s soft spot. They get you singing to words that you know very little or completely nothing about what they mean, that is the charm in their soulful album packed with Afrosoul.

On to the next one, Sara Mitaru. This lady will get the poetic side of you pounding. Her voice is so African, deep and very natural. She will get you swaying to low but magical beats. Her Afrosoul music is the key to appreciating Afro-music and her lyrics, an Africa that is beautiful is what they are about.

On to the next one, a bit new as a solo artist, Nanjira. Listen to her and you fall in love with her fresh sound there and then. Nanjira is a gem in Afrosoul. Few months and she already has a place in my chambers of soulful music and also for many others. She is one lady worth betting my money on, future of afrosoul.

Then this one, representing Afrosoul without a glance behind, the African Princess, Monique Kabuye. Undisputeably, she takes that crown, she has a really mellow voice that will never disappoint. She has that charisma that makes you fall in love with Africa by default. She has her place in the map of Afrosoul in the world I think. She without a doubt represents the borderless Africa with her soulful music.

There are many more in this field from our code +254. Even many more in Africa, the beautiful land. Goes without saying, the list would be written till forever.

Afrosoul is a yes yes because it almost defines Africa. Brings out the beauty of our beautiful land. Afrosoul is that music that will make you feel beautiful. Afrosoul is that music that will make you feel calm yet happy. Afrosoul is that music that can come from no where else but Africa.


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