Friends make us, some break us and some may even crush us. They form that second family for each one of us. I cannot imagine how anyone can survive without them, like go to school and have your mouth smell because you are just a loner who talks to no one. Among our friends, they are all of different kinds.

There are the friends who are great listeners. They are ever ready to hear what you have to tell them, in terms of your problems. This is because you are sure, they will offer a listening ear and even cry with you and definitely whisper it will be okay.

Then, there are those friends who are full of sound advice. Boyfriend issues, they’ll tell you what to do; lowered grades, solution on them.., basically, lay your problems on them and they will reward you with solutions for each one of them.

There are those friends who are amaizingly blonde. This is being dumb but saying it in a nice way. So, you are talking about something and they notice they are understanding nothing, and you have to explain everything bit by bit.

There are friends who are like news headlines. They basically know everything going on around them. Who’s who at a moment, they have that, what’s going down, they have that covered, you can’t tell them anything they don’t already know. Friends who are hard to surprise.

There are friends who are there when you need a good laugh. These are also the friends who you go clubbing with. They are just friends you want to hang out with during that lunch break. Friends who make you loose yourself without caring.

In one circle you will have friends of different traits even more than the ones mentioned above. This is what makes a circle of friends clique, be fun and cool and make friends grow in their friendship and appreciate others. This, makes friends a real and great family.


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