You know it hurts when you hold your breath and all you can say to the air is for it to hold on
It turns bitter, chocking, and it finally can breath no more
It hurts because I built my world around you my love, behind these castle walls I could draw you in every corner
I am crushed and I can cry no more as I am on my way to my grave.

You know it hurts when your hands are high on some spiritualised liqour and can hold nothing close
They are swollen, red, blackened, and they have to be chopped off
They knew how to hold one thing at their best, close to mind, close to heart, close to soul, close to spirit, that was you
All they know now that you are gone is crawling their way to my grave.

You know it hurts when all in you is growing numb and nothing seems to awaken it
The pain, the loss without gain, the pressure arising from no pleasure
All my senses were preserved for your sight, your voice to hear, your love to taste, your romance to smell and for your magic to feel
Now that nothing makes sense out of my senses anymore, they drag me to my grave.

it hurts just having to think about you yet I cannot have you to myself
My house you left in shambles and now it is that perfect epitome of a shantie
I do not know how my tears flow but all I can say is that my fears are hollow and without you I have nothing greater to protect
I leave you a note on my casket as you carry me bit by piece to my grave, a path you well create.


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