This poem was written some time back. Those moments you think you have someone you love and they feel the same way about you until you realise that they are living their life. Every time it feels like they are telling you, “Wassup dawg”. Yes, that is the inspiration behind this particular piece.

It is the chills I get each time I think that you are gone
The chilled sweat-drops crawling on my back every second I see your smile, one not because of me
It feels like a stab through my fragile heart, across my lips, dented into the roots of my mouth
Someone get the misery from my heartache if you can.

It is the cold spine you give me each time I look into your eyes
In them there is an image unknown to my future, something my eyes cannot define
It gets to me like a girl in her young age, I can’t make decisions, you are totally messing me up
You put my life on that pause mode, wait, play and let it be on rewind if you could please take me from my heartache.

It is the cold pleasure I get each time you walk away without a single word from your lips
I pray open them for me to get breath from them for one last time
You have me on top of the world and by the snap of your heart I am somewhere underworld, maybe joining MH370
You cut me open, no you wound me, no you make me bleed, no you bring me back together, you are an enigma of incessant heartaches.


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