everyone who knows me would know that I am a big fan of rock-music. I was listening to Florence_+_the Machine the other day and I gave a keener ear to one of my favorites, basically all songs from their 2 albums are favorites, from the band, ‘No lights, no lights’. In this song Florence Welch is asking the man not to talk about the issues they are having in the relationship because she is afraid of loosing him. So, yes, I derived the reasoning that when it comes to relationships, there is never that right time to fall in love and also that right time to say enough is enough and walking away without loosing a part of you. Yes, so, Florence Welch is that intriguing voice behind this particular piece.

If you are afraid of going to the other city, wipe the fears away
I do not at any one point want to feel like I am making you stay if you decided to
Hold my hand for the last time this season for I promise I will be sanitizing them with the best of oils for when you are back I will want to give you the softest of touches, one that will last for an eternity
Look into my eyes for the last time and look into their beauty, let your glare set me ablaze, dig deep inside and I let you be my diary, I will wash them clean with my tears once you close the door infront of me, for when you are back I want them to vividly see you, a haven to hold.
Do not be afraid of leaving for an unknown world, what we share is also unknown to others but it never kills us
Do not be afraid of finding us all faded in the grey skies because even the blue skies don’t smile at us at times but we still grow
Do not be afraid of it all being dead, you are somewhere tattooed across my heart
We have us now, we need us tomorrow but we do not hold it, it is an eternity not promised, it is a risk, it is a tale untold
I love you today, tomorrow I will be crying these very words to your memory
Hold me when you can, say sweet nothings to me and make me feel like your everything. 


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