Hello people, been a long while since my last post, I’ve missed y’all. Happy October people, it is Pink October, we are beating breast cancer. So, y’all need to go and get a check up and also know how to do that at home on your own. know your body, appreciate it and let us love our boobs.

So, while away, I was on some journey of rediscovering myself, and I am back, a happy being at that. Being a reader of this blog, you’ll know that I turned twenty in March. Yeeey!!! we are growing old, twenty years young, yeap!. For the past months I have been on a journey, knowing what I like, learning what I do not want to miss at this stage of my life and I have been loving it. Most importantly though, I finally know how to say, “NO!”

You know that that two-lettered-word is one of the strongest words in the world. It will drop what does not need to happen and it can start an era of respect without you demanding for that. Trust me, “no” is all that in one, it is that powerful on both extremes.

So, this is me not caring what people think about me, this is me saying NO to what I cannot stand from people and they think that I am a snob. This is me saying NO to things that I do not want to indulge in and people thinking that am creating a class of my own. This is me saying NO to what does not entice my eyes and people thinking am becoming too proud. This is me saying NO to people trying to influence my decisions and people thinking I am getting above my head. This is me saying NO to all the bullshit and people thing I do not understand them.

I say, I just don’t care. you are either loving me or hating me. Yes, I will be proud, I will continue being a snob, I will be whatever you want to see me as. Maybe when you begin appreciating your real value you will start viewing things from my eyes. So, I am not mad at you, I actually love the fact that you can realize that I am different from you, I appreciate that.

Bottom line people is, do not be afraid of standing up for what you believe in and not caring about what people will say about that and you. Love what you represent, either way, people are bound to talk and behind closed doors, you will be standing alone.



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