This piece is about goodbyes. I was looking into the situation of loving someone so much and at the end of the day, they say goodbye. This is a crash of the heart, too painful, I’d love to believe. One of my greatest fears when it comes to falling in love.
“There is life after this,” that is what he tells me
Maybe he didn’t get the memo stating that I clinch when I love
He did not read love all over me whenever he looked into my eyes
As I blush he tells me I am too beautiful to have him hang around me
But he owned me the very moment he placed his hand on my heart
That very moment he set his eyes on my soul
The very moment he reinstated sanity with great excitement in my mind
He became my star
He became the green I call pasture
Every time he said sweet nothings, I found me smiling
I found me flying with the eagles
He is the joy my heart is yet to get enough of
The rest my being is yet to experience to the maximum
I say, “Leave me not…”
He will close the door and I will cave in
Watch my walls come down
Allow them to crash me
Before I read his goodbye note, all the rumble will have turned me into ashes-to-ashes.

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