This piece was written with my head in the clouds, I liked the nigga who inspired this, yes, yes, this is about me. This piece is very much from within me. There is that rose that once took me to heaven.
And when my soul finds rests in yours-
I pray my dreams to take
I pray my wings to fly
I pray my heart to own.
  This will be the beginning of a new me-
The end of my alone life, or maybe the single lane.
When I lie by your side and you allow me die beneath your beautiful- 
And in you allow me to rest
  You are a topple of reality to my heart
You are a pinch of soul to my truth-
A little bit of all rights to my spirits
  I want you near and closer
I’ll hold you here and deeper
You are my near and my future
You are my rear and my mirror
You are my minor-still my major.
In my endeavour-
walk with me in this journey of love
Hold a haven for me as I create heaven for you.
Thankyou for stopping by

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