This poem is about me eavesdropping. I overheard my roommate tell her friends that she trusts her boyfriend to the extent of not believing her eyes if she ever found him kissing another girl. I thought of that day or maybe the break-up moment between them, it would be hard.
You were always right to remember what you did
That moment you took my heart to own
The evil grin you threw at me
I never read it right, you could call me dumb.
You would kill me had I said heaven to you
I mean, to me you were the universe
You wore a halo that was crown
Maybe I called the castle king.
You could dig the fingers deep into my skin
And I, I could still look at you and smile
Tell me that you are all my heart is to itself
But maybe I never knew how close you were to killing it.
Maybe I let you breath too deep into my soul
Maybe I forgave too fast and let closure too soon
Maybe I killed all my senses and turned numb
And you, my love, did not help me stop.

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