Hello there, this weeks poem.., the grown and sexy kinda thingy once more. I might not take much about, actually, I will not say much about it.., just DECRYPT IF YOU CAN….enjoy…
Last night when you held my hand
Whisked me away with your touch
Your soothing kisses painted my face
Red, velvet purple it did turn
Your glass you offered and I with the straw
My lips tasted your wine, white wine
Sweet, bitter, they lusted
Lasted long enough to have a lasting taste
For me to say, “I loved your wine”
We was quiet for the while
Let our bodies take the wheel
Heave, breath, run out of breathe, gasp, take the air in
Up, bottom, top, down, sheet, skin
Sip, drink, I let the lips touch
Your hands digging into my limbs
We let it flow through the straw
Good wine, white wine
Just to say the least
Yours was wine after the party
I loved your wine.
Thank you for stopping by

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