Hello love buns, I’ve missed all of you, been a long while since I last created a post…FESTIVITIES!!!! Anyhow, am here to begin the year with the many resolutions people have made and am hoping that a couple of the believers in resolution-making have definitely come up with them. Mine is to make a post on having/living a productive year by knowing where to indulge in.

Life is too short to spend it on undeserving..,people, things, activities. Know your self worth for you to know what is shortchanging you in its returns. It is only by doing this that you will know who is and what is worth your attention, time and all other resources you have to offer.

Life is too short for you to substitute smiles for frowns. I mean, you are alive, so, why would you let any one or anything take away your joy. It feels like you are begging for smiles from people. You are NOT a beggar and you are too wonderful to let people dictate the skies your life paints.

Life is too short to spend it pleasing people. You are not a clown and you can only do and be you. So if someone cannot appreciate what you bring to the table, do not mind asking them to walk..,your purpose in life is not about others, it is only yours and yours for the liking and the world’s for the legacy, just a legacy.

Life is too short to spend it killing you. By killing I do not mean suicide I mean, emotional drainage, I mean, spiritual drainage, mind drainage. You can only be what you spell out, because in that case, you mean it. So, if you hold onto those words people tell you and believe them, you are just a walking zombie. Wake up and live and make no apologies for that..LIVE!!!


Thank you for stopping by

fruitful 2015 people


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