Hello everyone..,first post of the year 2015.
This piece was written towards the end of 2014. It was inspired by the setting of the sun. It is about the darkness that befalls the earth after the sun is gone and consequently the much a heart loses after darkness engraves it, everything is in slow motion and nothing is clear, life turns into a rage of nothingness and one only hopes that light will soon come. And am ofcourse talking to the hopeless romantics.
I knew it would be dark
When the sun drowned and danger larked
The clouds gathered and all turned black
Portions of your teeth was all I hoped to see.
I kept calling out for your smile
But with every step taken, it turned into a mile
Maybe this is what they call hollow
Or rather I am yet to meet to meet the pit.
I knew it would be deep
All along I kept rubbing these eyes
Tears, smiles, all trying to hold me together
Patch me up for my last days.
Heard them say that life is short
But all I could believe in is life is hot
You burnt, real fiery, you scarred
Intense Care Undone.
Real cold-case love this turned
I knew I would be solid
Then the crash happened
I knew it was the end of me, DEAD…
Thankyou for stopping by

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