Sometimes you don’t beat sorrow with happiness because it was never the absence of joy in your life to begin with.

It was the state of being unsure, the presence of insecurities, endless insecurities, being uncertain of what life is presenting before you.

Am at a point in my life where I feel like everything is worth a try, ‘Should I do this?’….,’Why not?, if not now, when?’… At this point, am very much withdrawn from the experiments of life and much more inclined to things that are more fulfilling. However, as fulfilling as they are, I am not super sure if they are at all beneficial..,in the long run..,but satisfaction is key in the decisions I make.

It is at this point in life that girls are desperate for love. It is at this point they will look for love..,up-down-center-left-right and they are not settling for the casual one night-stands, they want to feel the real deal in effect. ‘I love you’, ‘I love you too’..and it ought to have its meaning very deep from a mouth into a soul.

At this point life is a wave of emotions..,joy means more than the mere existence of smiles..,a broken heart is no longer the flowing of tears..,a gone relationship is deeper than just a soul searching for answers…

At this point you become stronger than what your inner strength dictates..,you become much more vulnerable than your unseen weaknesses..,you fight battles tougher than your muscles call for…

From this point to the other point, ‘DO NOT despise a brush once used to paint because at a particular point it splashed colours that formed an image you adored upon your canvas’.

This was inspired by the birthdays of my two lovely friends Fancy and Maya and of course my life in motion. At some point…

p4…at this point in life..,this is the reflection I hold.

p2Happy birthday bae, love you.

p3Happy belated born day love.


Thankyou for stopping by.


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