Hello everyone.
Here with me is a piece inspired by roses. A friend of mine asked me whether I love flowers but with all honesty I do not, however, I totally adore red roses. And the next day as I was doing some laundry, I happened to see a bee and instantly I had the words all played out in my head…,enjoy…

I was pollinated for the beauty
Rainbow too ashamed to show itself to me
I mean, bees get burned trying to feed from me
Did I mention, ‘I am red hot, crimson red, black obsessive?’
Spectacular, I capture, *snap of fingers*, I am calling
I do not need to do much-
  I command as I sway my hips
   I demand as I move my lips.
Then the king bee made way
How is my steel not to cave in?
He is too stunning, no, I mean, stunning enough
Gentle yet stern, he swept me off my sepals
And I let the wind blow yearning for the grains.
He stung all the right places
Pain took me to all the high places
Petal after petal, he gave me all the right emotions
And there I stood before him
  -Stripped and unashamed..,
He clad me with his own body.
Thankyou for stopping by…

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