Hey loves, hope y’all are good. So, it’s been a while and I’ve missed being here so, am glad to be here. While away however, I turned 21…,I just can’t wait to see how my 22nd year of life unfolds. So, I put together this post for you, my reader to know a me a little more. Hope am as honest as I come…


I may not be as attractive as my boyfriend-in the future-might like to think I am. I may never be half as beautiful as my mirror reflects. I may not be as loving as my best friend would love to believe, I mean, I am a lover in progress, because my mind won’t think of the word-love-as my legs tremble looking for ground as they have fallen carelessly a few times before. I may never be as trustworthy as the tombstones. I might, just might not be anything as nothing professes.

I have demons that know nothing about night because they know nothing about the angel in me. My teeth probably know very little about the light of day and all they know is the stink of their white. My demons are a bit too quiet for the angel in me to reckon of their presence, at least not in my temple, oh! so unholy.

I am a lover who knows very little about hate. I despise righteousness and snow only exists in my favorite movies. I have a soul that beats to a heart so silent as my spirits sing their way home. I dream of killing, I sing murders, yet my holy knows very little about what would be sinful in its place. Apologies are forgotten both intentionally and in a manner of commission. I am the being with faith that forgets of a God it believes in.

I fail so many times, how I pray it’s always loud, loud enough for me to listen to me, I am tired of hearing. I have flaws that complete all orbits of my universe. I forget me at times but I love that I meet me…like you just did…


Thank you for meeting me..,



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