Hello lovies.
Today’s post is a piece that came about as a result of me having a day where I felt all alone. I somewhat needed a hand to help my shoulders sit right and a warm hug from someone, accompanied with a large mug of hot black tea of course, such a big addict. And yes, this piece came about.
Patch me up for I am a torn cloth
So torn that these pieces have known rot
Mine is a flimsy garment that has known transparency
As it bleeds it calls to then beg
Patch me up.
Stitch me back together for I am broken skin
So broken that I am no longer afraid of sores
I watch the pores expand territory
As they fight, break, conquer to beg
Stitch me back together.
Fight for me I will wipe dry my tears
Walk with me I will win the battle
Carry me I will make the milestones
Step the steps for me I will heal my soul
Just put me back on ground.
Thank you for stopping by

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