Hello lovely people.
Today am posting a piece that is a fusion of the rain and a heart break. Yes…,that is vibe happening here today. Hope y’all enjoy it.
I sit by my window waiting for the rain to kiss me
Sleep me into a heavy death would explain
Capture me in beauty only scents can smell
Hide these waters my body will not drain.
Your eyes are darkness lurking in danger
They set fires my soul could not contain
I gave, gave to my every strand of hair
These fires consumed me into ashes I bury within.
It’s been silent for long and I am in need
I need to hear your ghosts whispering
Hold your demons and suffer in your violence
I am yet to thrive in this dark room.
I lit candles to light up the dinner table
Just to create shadows upon my wall
Pretend that you’re still holding my hand
And the stares finally froze the food in my plate.
So, I have decided to sit by my window
Wait for the rain to kiss me
Then maybe I will die rested
On a bed of waters my soaked spirit identifies with.
Thank you for stopping by

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