Hello everyone, I hope you are all well? Let us talk about girls just a little bit today…


I am a girl and I love the fact that I am a girl being a girl. Am lovely, confident, chic, I love me, I am a girl and I love it.


I carry my powder, lipstick, lip balm, lotion, Vaseline, creams, deodorant, perfume all at one go. Whenever I feel like my lips are about to crack, the lip balm will do the magic. My lipstick comes in handy after I have had a meal. My Vaseline is used after my hands have come into contact with water. My lotion is used to bring the glow back to my skin. And if I feel a little sweaty, my precious cream and powder and all the other brushes come through for me. So, yes, I carry a whole dressing table with me.


I also have habits too, like whenever I stand, I have to adjust my pants, shorts and skirt, whatever  hits or sits on my waist, I just can’t stop it. I also have extra pieces in my bag, you know, in case tea or coffee spills on a piece I am wearing, in case a piece or even my shoe/shoes get torn, back-up clad is very much important to me, very important. And at times, I just want to change into things that are more comfortable for the moment, so, I will jump into restrooms and have a change of what I am wearing.


I will be walking in the streets and realise that one of my nails is somewhat chipped…,guess what?, I will be tempted or actually pull up somewhere, get my nail cutter, cut that nail, then pull out my nail file and shape the nail. If my nail/s were polished, I will get that nail polish and redo it all at least to survive me before I can visit the nail parlor.


And yes, you will ask me how long I am bound to keep you waiting and I will say, ‘5 minutes booboo’…run!!, just RUN!!!, I will keep you for another one hour and walk out smiling and ask say, ‘I hope I was not long,’ The make up, the not yet made decision of what is and is not to be worn, what flaunts me and what does not. Imma keep you here for long.


And in case you have been wondering why small bags are not appealing..,now you know that I carry a whole closet in my big convenient handbag. Very much necessary, it would be wrong if I had it any other way other than the big hand bag way.

…So..,please excuse my girl…


Thank you for stopping by.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Qween ;) says:

    Yes. I concur.
    i carry my whole closet in my bag too and i have no shame in that hehe and we both know how good i am with time *facepalm* 😀

    1. misskabura says:

      you’re definitely better in this game.

  2. plottwistt says:

    Every word is 100% true! A girls problems huh😊 follow us back?😊😊

    1. misskabura says:

      I know, I do this stuff too often.
      Am glad you enjoyed the read.
      I’ll definitely be following your blog

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