Hey munchkins
Today’s post was inspired by a feeling of love. Yes, we was feeling all mushy-mushy and the thought of being a human who wants an uninterrupted kinda love, we thought of a place with a few if any people.

I know little about now
As you hold my hand
You make me sing to the beat of your heart
We race, we space, it’s time to chase.
Fast, slow, I think I died two days ago
Sleep, toss, I call this comatose
Dreams, nightmares, I hold on to all the phases
I dare not let go of any moment.
His eyes dig into my soul
I feel myself slipping into his dreams
His heart I have entrapped in my chambers
It’s reality, it’s a sweet dream, I dare not open the windows lest it’s all lost.
I smile at the sight of his hands
He sleeps to the beat of my heart
I am yet to resurrect from this heaven
In this wilderness there is only me and my heart.
Thank you for stopping by

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