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Let us talk about relationships, and I am not going to focus on one type of relationship, this will just be on everything relationship.

Gotten to a point in time in any relationship and you feel like you could use that relationship for a  change? I mean, it is not because that other person has now become boring or the other person has become annoying, no!!! you just feel like you could really use that relationship for a change. And at this moment in time, you feel like things aren’t how they are supposed to be and you feel like the other person is in their own lane because they do not even get where you are. And I actually feel like this is normal and there is nothing wrong with it, nothing at all. It’s just that at this point in any relationship, it becomes a sink or swim moment.

Let us focus on what happens…,

When your needs in any relationship are changing, you feel mis-understood. No one knows what is going on within you, you are fighting to keep up with them but everything almost feels like, “I’ve been there, done that, now move on already.” Now, the worst bit about all this is that 99% of people will not get the drift and they will take zero time to understand you, or even to try to understand you. They will look at you differently and they will leave you on your own lane, all alone…,that relationship will sink.

When the needs in a relationship are changing, people assume that you are only going through a phase and trust you me, they will say that you will get back to your right senses. However, there is a high chance that you are actually more sane than you have ever been. So, they might withdraw for a time and then pop back into your life assuming that you have been waiting for them to do that. However, it is wrong for people to assume that you will always be there..,that is a relationship that will sink.

In a relationship where needs are changing, everything feels like it has been half-baked and everyone is failing you. The problem here is that almost everyone will assume that they are almost perfect and you are the one who is not doing things right. Thing is, no one, rather very few of them will try to understand what they did wrong, what is going on, and zero apologies. That again, is a relationship that will sink.

Basically, needs in every relationship will change at some point. And whether y’all sink or swim, life will not be static to accommodate the change, it will move on real fast.


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