Hey lovies
So, today’s post is a piece that was inspired by dead love. That crashing moment when you feel like your world just stopped and nothing else makes sense, yes.
Slowly, death hits
I feel you slipping from my hands
My heart shutters, it is dark
Zero tears, you have drained all my wells.
I have stood in the middle of the woods
Praying for the wolves to strike
Spoken languages only trees know
Tasted dew waiting for my due date.
Have I seen the last of you?
Have I tasted the last of your lips?\
Have I felt the last of your sweetness?
Will these be the last questions to the hearth?
Open the ground for the clouds to receive me
I have had your heaven lead me to hell
And I am a zombie yet to find my grave
My skin dug by every dent dark cupid shot at.
Thank you for stopping by

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