It is a lovely stage of life, I mean, being a young adult. This is especially lovely and important for ladies. You know, whatever is done between the ages of 20 and 25, these are the most beautiful times a girl will hold on to into adulthood and it could be the life-shaper or breaker. We carry much of what we do into who we become once we are full-grown.


Away from the beauty though, almost every girl lady at this age is dating and they are very serious about it. Most of the girls will actually get into relationships that are very futuristic; relationships that now seem short-term suddenly become boring and exhausting.

On to the single lady though….


She is not boring but at the same time she is not completely enthusiastic about life. She is the fun lady in the group but she is not exactly happy about it. She is confident but that is it, all else under trial. She is brave but her tenacity is yet to sit right on her weight. She is dented but you will not know because she is superwoman in your eyes->->->*be grateful for your boyfriend*.



You will get the need when the you ask your girls to go for drinks with you and they all say that they are headed out for dinner, drinks, meet ups with their boyfriends. They might even say that they are going out to meet with other couples and you will be thinking, “hol’up!!!, my best friend has friends I don’t know about?” yes, that might happen.


You will get the need that Saturday afternoon when your friends cancel on you…,shopping, hike, rock-climbing, barbeque, chill-out….,because booboo is taking them to see a movie, or swimming or whatever else booboo will be treating them to. You’ll be sipping that wine at the kitchen counter all by yourself.


You will get that need when you have hot, juicy news to tell your pals but guess what?…, they dumped you because they had to go out with booboo. And you just have to let it burn within until maybe the evening, weekend, vacation, whatever is over and your best friend is back and 1cm away from booboo.


You will get the need when you are in a room with the girlfriends and they are all texting booboo and you got no one to text or even call. Your girlfriends will spend hours on their phones, which is allowed, receive the calls from booboo which last for hours and you will be stalking people because you can’t do n’n about that. You might result to staring at your blank screen pretending to be smiling back at those emojis.


Am not implying that all girls will go through this, however, if you are among the 95% of girls who have tasted relationships, then you most definitely understand that at some point when all your friends are dating, you will get the need…,whether you are financially stable, very well equipped with almost everything if not it all, you will experience the need to be wanted…THE NEED TO BE WANTED….


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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Qween ;) says:

    Guilty as charged, OMG! was this about me? :O

    1. misskabura says:

      Lol, zero comment, I love you, hahaha

  2. nice observations there…nice article

    1. misskabura says:

      Thank you Ken, am glad you enjoyed the read

    2. misskabura says:

      Thank You Ken

  3. Hehe, how accurate is this yaani

    1. misskabura says:

      Haha, I know, right? Being the single girlfriend is a struggle

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