So, this is very random and I wish it had a long story behind it..
Hello munchkins, I’ve missed y’all
Enjoy though…

The skies will cry for me
And I pray they will cleanse me
For with you I have sinned
I have worshiped gods of thy body.
You have been my Alpha and Omega
My life has experienced birth through you
I have known a future in your eyes
My apocalypse lies within the confines of your love.
Your body has been my temple
Your eyes have been my hell
Your soul has been a heavenly fire
I have been embracing thy holy heat.
I pray that the sun will melt my being
That the ice will solidify these sins
I pray my holy will dissolve in your unholy
That I will forever be your Aphrodite and you my Eros.
Thank you for stopping by

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  1. Ngartia ™ says:

    I know someone you should write with.

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