Hello all sweet people, I hope you are all doing well.


I think I keep doing these ‘at this point’ posts and it feels like it is my version of taking stock *lol* Anyhow, let us talk about me once more, it feels like I am getting selfish, but who cares?…At this point…


I am well aware of the kind of music I listen to..,I love me a loooot and I mean a loooot of Florence_+_the Machine, this is some very good music. If someone wants to condemn me because I listen to Fever Ray and I think the videos are all things genius, Y’all need to review your wants. With all honesty, I feel great listening to such music that carries a lot of calm yet so much electricity in it. So, yes, at this point, I am loving indie/hard/metallic-yes, a combination of all that-rock.


At this point I am looking for friends who challenge me. I have probably said this more than once but really, I need them. Being in a circle of friends who think that you are a goddess and whatever you say goes is straining, draining and unmotivating-a made up word-to say the least. I feel I need friends who tell me things that need me to probably research on. And, yes, those friends who talk, because Cate Kabura is quite the listener.


It is at this point that African literature is calling me, like literally stalking me, no joke. Those books from KWANI?, and anything else African that I may get hands on. These Africans keep me company in the noisy javs when I don’t want to talk, well.., because I don’t know anyone there. But truth be told, digressing a bit..,one of my best-friends today was discovered in a jav, yaaaasss!!! Kamaah I see you, and, today I said hi to someone and they paid bus fare for me. So, as much as I carry these written Africans everywhere with me, I dare not forget the physical Africans next to me.


At this point I realise the importance of my good and true friends. I mean, I am working and school, time with friends is quite strained. My social life is close to zero if not at zero. But I am telling you, I have come up with a way around that, rather I have learnt to and I am still learning to and I am actually glad I have amazing friends who have been there for me and I dare not change a thing about the current situation.


At this point, I am enjoying positivity and I am loving what I have going on in my life… I am loving being Cate Kabura…AT THIS POINT!!!


Thank you for stopping by



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ngartia says:

    At this point I am commenting on this post.

    1. misskabura says:

      Your comment is appreciated, at whatever point

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