I’m not sure why I’m calling this a wish list only, but it might include some needs too… Anyhuu!!! Wassup loves, welcome to today’s post, all things wishful, if only life was a hotbed of granted wishes, I mean, with the mere snap of fingers…


My first wish, dear Alicia, give me those abs and I could give you my wardrobe. Which girl doesn’t want washboard abs? I mean, have y’all seen Lupita’s bod? It’s not even funny when she says she rarely works out, I mean, dear Lord, in my other life….Amen!! Now, you might wonder how this is a wish and I have my friend Alicia included in the whole conversation. The thing is, I am too disobedient to constantly work out, well I at times wake up and go for a jog at 5:30 in the AM but not so often, I am super-duper disobedient, it’s not even funny. Then to diets, my ass feeds on whatever it feels like. I want pizza for the whole week, you can bet on your life that I’ll be stuffing it in my mouth until I can take no more. But my dear Alicia, father bless her soul, she knows what the word ‘FOCUS!’ means and she has toned so well in a very short time…so now, Alicia, those abs…


Second wish, people would stop giving me the option of betraying them without an option B but guilt. I freaking feel guilty long before I can even start coming up with who or where my other option/s lie. With all honesty though, I tend to be a bit too loyal and it at times takes me forever to realise that some change is needed. Take for instance, my hairdresser; Susan has magical hands that are really fast. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I hate the idea of having to sit  in a salon for more than two hours, that might have to take an intervention, so I like that Susan is fast. The other factor is that Susan understands me and goes with the flow even when she has to do the weirdest things to my hair under my instructions, she gets me, we have a great understanding. Of late though, she’s not been cleaning up my scalp real smooth and it’s not funny because after two weeks, my head looks like a bush. And I have like a lot off hair, like really much so if it starts going bad, it starts from worst. But, how am I supposed to say goodbye to her and smile? Good Lord! I wish she could just give me another option, which is not guilt to ride on.


My final wish, GET MY ASS OUT OF TOWN!!! I have grown up in Kabete and things there are just chilled and quiet, birds of the air are bae, no joke. So, more often than not when I’m in session at school, the buzz in these streets of Nairobi never dies down and it gets exhausting for my ears and soul. All I usually want to do in these instances is, park my bags, buy loads of chocolate, a couple of bottles of wine and then vamoose. Yes, zero contact with people who know me, and maybe I can enjoy watching the moon rise and create diamonds on say, lake Elementaita. The other problem with this though, mr. Ngang’a is such a darling but he barely lets me out of his sight, if I went offline for two days, that would be a reported case of a lost person. I mean, I’m not complaining, but, y’all see how this qualifies as a wish??? Yes… But really, wine_+_chocolate_+_time-out_=Wishful-happy


Y’all have an exciting weekend, share whatever wishes/needs you might have. #ION football is back. I think it’s important that you, as my reader to know where my loyalty lies…MANCHESTER UNITED!!! Okay, see you soon, enjoy the game. Love and Love


Thank you for stopping by


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