Let’s talk girls…
Hello lovely souls. I was telling my friend, Maya that I want to write about a girl, then weirdly, the song ‘Girl with one eye-Florence and the Machine’ happened and using the word easy is so darn easy, so yeah, this is part of my journey, probably trying to write about girls.
She says it in a calm tone
I sit there wondering
Does she say that to all girls?
Girls Consumed in innocence?
Innocence laced with much ignorance?
She repeats as I try to resist
Her hands aren’t strong but
They are fur-soft
They are tender with much sensuality
I figure they have tasted another body before this
Her voice is softer now
Seduces my being to give in
Her hand slowly undoes my undies
I barely hear it this time
I am lost in her sweetness
She rocks me to cloud ninety nine
My body aches a bit more for hers
My eyes roll into this state…

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