Hello lovely people. I had planned to write complain about how short I am. You know, how I just don’t like back seats of buses because my feet are always dancing in the air and if they get they chance to touch the floor of the bus <really don’t know whether it has a name other than that>, I end up trying to dance ballet-so yes, you guessed right, I can dance ballet…hahahahaha. Not forgetting how hugging people always seems like a journey getting my hands round their necks. And, guys assuming that you can see them in a crowded place and they are not in gold or white, like Nigga!!! I am the David who can’t even spot Goliath.


Then I thought of writing about how work, school and commuting to home has been so unkind to me. It’s not easy. You know, like how I got home yesterday after my class which I attended after the office. I literally blacked out as I was taking my dinner. I always laugh at Mr. Ng’ang’a because he has this habit of blacking out as he’s watching the 9:00pm bulletins, I was blind but now I see…why. But I’m okay..alive.


Then I thought about how come December after my KASNEB papers I want to take time out and someone like my friend Gufy would guess where… So, I had thought of writing heaping praise on the town Nakuru. I made a couple of trips there when I was a kid but I probably didn’t know all about the beauty of nature. Now, Oscar-Gufy took me up there some weeks back and if I had told someone/something that I am in love with them before then, trust me I somewhat believe I did not understand the words then. This town Nakuru is heaven my mind cannot stop visiting. My friend thinks that that will not be perfect because it is close to home but I cannot think of travel-goals without Nakuru. Totally in love with this place.


Then I had thought of writing about how beautiful my morning has is beautiful but has my emotions all over the place. You know, this Wednesday, I woke up without having to snooze my alarm, *score!!!*. Mum and I, Njeri and I and dad and I… all those were great conversations. Listening to music I love from Africa, I am talking Shaa-Promise, Alikiba-Dushelele, Black Coffee ft. Bucie-Superman, Zahara-Umthwalo…yaaaaaasss!!!! But I will tell you without shame, every song that I’ve been listening to has been taking me to a place, so at one point I’m on a high and on another, I’m somewhere else, I’m reminded of someone, I get the need to forget something, it’s emotional people, all over the place, all over the place, no joke.


Thing is, I really needed this random talk, thinking and writing about it all.

Happy Wednesday munchkins

Thank you for stopping by

Love mucho



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