Hey lovies…
Let’s talk letting go, when it becomes extremely hard and you keep telling yourself that you’ll finally get there and it can’t be hard, at least not that hard…

I could count the hair on your back
The nape of your neck still calls me
Every time I close my eyes I see it rise
Dancing obediently to the rhythm of my touch
I probably miss your body
No, maybe I miss you.
You could see my soul with your eyes
You visited my dreams with your lips
Haunted me with your spirit
Punished me with your existence
Maybe I miss your presence
No, I probably miss you.
I have visited my forefathers to appease thy spirit
My dark side has been saying silent prayers to your ghost
My eye-balls have been breaking with nothing to swim on
I have lost my heaven to some great nothingness
I tell me that I could miss you a little less
Convincing my hands that the art of letting go is easy.
Thank you for stopping by


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