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There is much that happens when one is on their knees and as Juliani says, you touch heaven…

With all honesty, I would love to say that I understand this feeling.

There is heaven and just like that, heaven could be your other life and your other life could be greater hell than what you have right now, am I preaching appreciation? I don’t even know whether there is anything preachy about that statement. All I’m saying is, prayer could be nothing but communication within someone creating the connection between them and another world. It’s not everyone who feels the need for that connection, those who don’t believe in purpose but living for the day….

The whole aspect of closing the eyes. Getting immersed into a conversation of thanksgiving, repentance, asking and requesting…it is fascinating. The whole act of known and unknown, understood and incomprehensible ceremonials to another world is fascinating. Everything about prayer praying is something desirable and the feeling is something almost everyone wants to experience.

I have forgotten what this brings and what it’s supposed to feel. Rather, I probably have zero connection with another world, nothing from the past, nothing into the future, nothing to another being. Or maybe, I am not drawing anything spiritual from within and so I am not yearning for any sort of connection to any other world, not the dark world or the world to my side of light. The emptyness….the void…

I probably need to learn how to pray…


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