Hello awesome souls


I hate eating alone…

The whole idea of being alone at a table with food before you!!!

What kind of conversation is this that???

When in public places I tend to eavesdrop into other people’s conversations, which is one of my guilty pleasures *don’t judge*. Then at times I think that I should join in these conversations but how rude can I be?

Then I’ll drift into a world my future would probably identify with or my past might have been.

I might end up cursing the food I’m having, “not enough salt…not too lovely…whoever made you should be fired…maybe I shouldn’t have ordered for you…maybe you’ve had me waste my money <This especially>.”

Then I will look at my plate and realise that I am quite messy. I should learn to eat alone without creating a mess around my plate, “it is not sexy Catey!” It is not but who cares? All these tables look messier…

Loose foot Switch foot What the hell is the title of that movie that I should totally check out? Wait! ‘Spun Out’ was cancelled, these BASTARDS!!!

Then I realise that I am eating too fast, stuffing my face with too much food…

But then again, I need to clear my plate and leave…


eating alone does not sound godly anymore.


Thank you for stopping by



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