Hello loves…
She stops and stares at me
I can still feel her skin on mine
Imagine her warmth rubbing against mine
  She smiles and her lips are heaven
  I can still taste them on my tongue
  Her sweetness I have stomached without shame
  It fills me with much pleasure
   She comes off me
   I can hear my being begging her not to
   It wants to embrace her some more
   Yearns to burn into her soul
    As she is getting dressed I want to own her modesty
    Create several maps on her temple
    I can still cap her breasts in my palms
    Get lost in their softness on my body
    I could have her being uncovered for the sun to be jealous
     She kisses me and opens the door
     As it locks so does my heart
     I am never opening it to another
     Until the day she opens the door.

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