Hello loves…
Let us talk about love that lives on.
I’ve been refraining from posting this post and I wish I could have a solid reason for that but…I actually don’t.
Y’all enjoy though…

Should my hand grow heavy in yours
Do not feel afraid to release it
It might weaken, it might wither
I will actually let it fade into some nothingness.
Should you grow weary from carrying me
Allow me to feel the sand between my toes
Store it for flora to flourish there
I will let my feet crash on its beauty.
Should your smile for me fade
I will sit still waiting for your dark side
Let it burn me into a zombie
My skeleton will then find joy in you.
Should your eyes grow to dislike my image
I will create a new me
Scrap my skin off to save the sight
The scars will be pieces of art.
Should your love grow old
So will mine walk with it
Have your soul grow into mine
And even in death I can still call you mine.
Should I forget the heaven that is your face
Should I forget how your spirit hovers
Should I forget the scent of your flesh
This love will remind me of it all. 
Thank you for stopping by
Love much much

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