Hello guys…

dark night

You had sex, not with some random dude you’ve been eyeing around campus or met at some club some weeks back, but with the boyfriend. It is not the first time you two had sex, in fact, you’ve been seeing each other for three months and you’ve been spending every Saturday at his place telling mama that school work is no longer easily manageable as it has always been. But tonight, you had sex and you are feeling empty.

From the very day you stepped into his house, a room so single and you could tap into that smell that you love so much on him, there was no doubt that from that day on both your smells would be in sync. He let you in with a smile, you smiled back and you were really happy to finally be in the confines of a world you two would create that night, just the two of you. You have since been yearning for Saturdays when you can tell your roommates, ‘Adios!!!’ But not today, you have been in his arms, he has been inside you and nothing feels right.

You want to talk to him and probably ask him a couple of questions but nothing sounds right anymore, not the rhythm of your you two breathing, the smell of his skin on your skin, nothing at all. You want to tell him he was good but, was he? He invoked nothing in you but, a little too harsh. You toy with his hands, his fingers, trying to find some truth clumped together with the dirt under his finger-nails, you hate that dirt but you are embracing it tonight. But then again, his skin is not too attractive in the dark room and his smell is now a stench you don’t want to stomach.

You love him, you’ve been telling this to yourself since his first thrust, there it is, maybe you two should have just kissed and forgot about the undressing that comes after that, you were still looking good with your clothes on. But no, you love him and these things happen, you will want him today but you won’t tomorrow. Yes, you did not want this arrangement you two have, I mean every Saturday might not be the right Saturday, guys fall in love and out of love, all the darn time.

You had sex with him, you are feeling empty, nothing feels right, you have fallen out of love with him….TONIGHT!!!!


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. fancy says:

    weee!! keep up.good work.i loved it..

    1. misskabura says:

      Thank you boo
      Love and Love

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