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You know very little about darkness until her hand touches yours. Her skin feels really soft, you can see it much more than you can feel it. She does not realise that you are staring at it because darkness. She has been quite drawn back of late, emotionally but at times her demons shine brighter than any diamond.

Tonight she walked into your house and dragged you to the love-seat by your shirt. She is usually the shy one but today she was very much wild, had all things under control and she didn’t even care whether you’d closed the door after her when she walked in. Everything exciting is going on today, I mean, you are liking it.

You two met some nine months ago and with all honesty, y’all haven’t had ‘the talk’, because no one ever does it these days. But she has been beside you, you have been with her, you could draw her with your eyes closed, she could kill you in a heartbeat, you know what she likes, she knows how to annoy you, you have yearned for her in the same manner she has craved for you. She could be your girlfriend but neither of you knows this for sure, your friends would know more.

Now, she has this glow you love and a craving that you enjoy but don’t know how to satisfy. Girls go through this in their time of grief but no, that glow does not help this guessing-game.

“Babe,” this is the very first word she has said since she walked in, “I am pregnant.”

You were never ready for this. I mean, you enjoyed every single second in her, she is really beautiful in the middle. You owned her and she captured you in every way. But you had not seen her body stretch, you had not even imagined it. You have probably seen some other body in those nine months, you cannot really remember, but maybe, just maybe.

But now, her skin is about…to be pregnant…


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  1. Maya says:

    Why does this depress me?

    1. misskabura says:

      Hi Maya,

      First of, thank you for reading through.
      It does depress you that no one is ready to take a step into oblivion when all they have known is a ‘know…’. Being stretched without your consent is depressing.

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