Hello lovies…





So, I am down at a club, the man who would be the father of my children has suggested this joint in town. The music playing there is fresh, the DJ is the kind of DJ I want to keep in my house to keep me entertained as I am working. We are taking shots and more shots and dancing on seats, on him, we are practically all over the place. There is a lovely lady in our booth, I have not met her before but my man says she is a colleague of his and I am getting down with her. She has younger blood and so she definitely has younger energy that makes her such a great dancer. She makes me miss me ten years ago, boy was I wild?



I am a writer and I can pretty much work from anywhere but anywhere turns out to be at home 90% of the time. I like the serenity that comes with working alone. Today as I am walking around the house cleaning up every room and really trying to tune the environment into a mood I want to achieve before I can go all creative, there is the man’s ring. I am not much of a drama-queen but in our four years of marriage the man has not walked out of the house without his ring, he’d rather drive back home to get it. So, I call his office hoping actually I don’t know what I am hoping for. Jess, the sweet secretary receives the phone and tells me that the man is yet to report to the office. I am quite calm but my demons, man they’ve been living for this.


Flash-forward a little more…

I go out for lunch occasionally, I like me some good company too and I am out with one of my writer-friends. We are talking about our new projects today and complimenting each other on each of our new works and of course, criticising each other, that is what friends are for. I catch a glimpse of the man but it can’t be him, at least he is in the office, so I would presume. That is his shirt, I think to myself as I catch a glimpse of him the third time. I excuse myself and walk to his table. She remembers me, I am glad and he, he is sweating already. On the table are wrapped gifts and a bouquet of white roses, those can’t be for me, I can only tolerate red roses. There is the man without his ring, AGAIN!!!



I am with Brenda-the lady hanging out with the man. She is still pretty, you know, from the very first time in the club. I bet the man had said he was going to file for divorce and marry her but whatever, that was then. Today, I am feeding him on her. Her clothes are soaked in blood, I just slit her wrists and her neck throat, I’m not sure what part that is. Beside her I have placed white roses, just to have her soul enjoy a really decent send-off. She still looks pretty in this red colour and speechless, who wouldn’t be left speechless by such an act?



My husband will be home. I will kiss him when he walks through the door, take his coat and bag, help him clean up and serve him dinner. I will then serve him some warm nuts, you know and kiss him softly. He will be in the mood and I will undress for him, naked and un-ashamed, make love to him,tenderly and gloriously and with the tone, I will remind him that he is mine then hand him Brenda’s heart…





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