Hello everyone
It’s been quite a long minute and I’ve missed us, haha.
Anyhuu! here we are. Today we talk about wells and glory, once again decryption is needed, read between words and enjoy…

There is a well waiting on you
To fill it with your glory
Occupy it with much essence
Bless it with your sensuality
Loosen its grip with much gentleness
Make my well feel alive when you rain in it
When you stroke it with much tenderness
It yearns to have a feel of your skin against it’s own
So its heart may beat uncontrollably
The throbbing to boil the walls of my well
    This well waits for you to construct it
Make it identify with your hands only
Feel comfortable in their presence
Beautify its walls, my well begs
Decorate it with colour
Create life within it with every shot
 Build it some more
To destroy this well patiently
Take it on a journey only you would comprehend
Take this well to a place only it would appreciate
Guide it lovingly
    This well has waited for you to notice it
It has waited for you to be its master
    There is a well that yearns for your smell
Its taste suited for your mouth
Its throb patented  for your thrust
There is a well waiting on you
    Will you step into my garden of glory???
Thank you for stopping by

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