Hello beautiful souls, welcome to today’s post…




Get home, say hi to dad, just because he is the very first person you see as you’re making your way to the house. You take off your shoes and carefully place them on the shoe-rack. You then drag your feet to your bedroom. You place your bag on the floor, pick your phone and all you want to listen to is Birdy. Her depressing songs are honey to your ears and her disturbingly perfect but ever sad voice soothes your soul, perfectly. The mood, this mood, is perfect.


You strip off of your clothes and walk into the bathroom, you do not bother looking for your towel. You take a long hot shower quietly listening to Birdy, your eyes might be closed and you can’t seem to decide on what is more comforting, Birdy or the feel of water on your skin.


You walk out of the shower and you feel like you’d want to air-dry yourself but it’s raining and you’ve spotted your towel. You dry your body carefully and you slip into your nightdress. You pick your current read From the bag on the floor and savoir on every word you read like a child gifted with chocolate.



All you’ve eaten all day is chocolate but weirdly, you are not hungry. Mama has come to your room twice now. All she wants you to do is to at least taste what she had made for dinner. You promise to do that but you are full well aware of the lie in that statement.


After you’re done reading one chapter of the book, you place the book on a table in your room. You want to sleep but before that, you want to make a call or two. One is to that guy who might be your boyfriend but nothing has been said, rather, nothing is official. You miss him and all you want to do is listen to his voice, that voice you really, really love. The other call is to your friend, it might pass though. You however decide against making the first call too.


3 bars of chocolate, no sugar-rush. You miss the ‘boyfriend’ and it will be just that tonight. You stop Birdy’s singing, close your eyes, forget your promise to mama…it’s time to sleep…

…Goodnight love…



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