Hello Loves…
Hope y’all are already enjoying your holidays. Here is a little something for the season. Was written trying to get into the head of a girl talking to that guy they are really crushing on…

You are beautiful
My eyes see that full well
Your body is a temple my mind has fallen for
I pray your mind would be in sync with mine.

Like does it wander to my image when you close your eyes?
Has it imagined me out of my bathing suit into my birthing suit?
Has it tasted my skin?
Or has it tried to marry the smell of it?

Has your mind taken a tour in my world?
Has it had your skin brush against mine?
Has it carried your hands on Jenna and Jhenne?
Has it had you camp in the middle of my Eden?

I hope I have visited your dreams
I hope I am keeping you up all night
I pray I have been haunting you perfectly
 I would love to host you in me.

Thank you for stopping by

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