Hello loves…




So, my dear darling and I started off somewhere, I can’t really describe our starting point but well, we are in this thing already. Anyhow, here is the story…


My dear darling and I first met at some event hosted by a mutual friend. Then of course the informal introductions were made. Hey, meet…and this is…such a pleasure. Then it was after this encounter that we started bumping into each other, it was becoming too much but hey…we share friends so it could be allowed.


Fast forward, my dear darling and I started having private conversations. These conversations include calls to each other…yaaaasss, we finally exchanged those numbers. At least our conversations could flow without the presence of our mutual friends.


Hey boo, because everyone uses this word at this day and age, could you come over? My dear darling was going to make me some lunch and we were  going to chill. So yes, I was going to accept that invitation and take my pretty ass over to his place and I did.


My dear darling prepared some sweet food for me and this was accompanied by some drinks. I think they were non-alcoholic but yooow! I was drunk on his presence. Then somehow his hands were on me and mine were drawing some maps on his skin. And chilling is what we were going to do, practically *wink*.


To cut this really long story short, that was the beginning of our chill-sessions and we have been having them for a couple of months. Now suddenly we’ve been finding ourselves catching feelings at each other, having common/inside jokes, making really and I mean really long calls, missing each other in ungodly ways, you know, and all that shit that comes with this thing…


On my defense, this is still a thing because, chilling can’t be a …ship, it is just a thing. But then our friends think that I am the girlfriend and my dear darling is the boyfriend. This is crazy, yes? I admit, he’s been in my space and me in his for quite a while now, but still this is yet to qualify as a …ship, right?


But then, who am I lying to? People find themselves in relationships just like that these days or do they? Well, if that is so, then I think my dear darling and I are in some sort of …ship.




Thank you for stopping by



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  1. I like that part about you getting drunk coz of his presence.. 😀😀

    1. misskabura says:

      Yes, I guess it happens.

      Thank you a bunch for taking time to read through. love and love

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