Hello loves, happy 2016, hope y’all are enjoying the new year already. However, let me tone things down a little bit and talk about new things that could happen as we make changes in our lives this year…




There is some sort of sadness that looms in the darkness with the presence of visitors. You automatically know that when the sun touches the earth, they will leave. Those people that have been in your space all day and laughed so hard with will walk out of the house and leave you in between the silent walls that you are yet to understand, their language is quite strange, so you believe.


This is the same thing that happens when the day is not quite heavenly. There is some sort of darkness that clouds my eyes and the beauty of this day could be in the headache that is killing me as I make my way to the office. It is in the morning and a pastor has chosen the jav I have boarded to spread the gospel according to His God. I probably believe in the same God but not on this particular morning, at least because this very God did not send his shepherd with a message for me, his sheep.


There is something ugly about every single person and thing in my way. But I am not the yardstick, I couldn’t be even if I felt that I could. I did not look in the mirror on my way out, it would have tried to talk to me and I would have sunk in a little deeper into this ‘depression’ I could be developing. The car trying to overtake this jav has an ugly shade of silver, I want to jump through the window and go a little Carrie Underwood on it. This guy seated right next to me is annoyingly ugly, but even on this day he gets a 5 out of ten, he is still so ugly.


I step into the office and I know full well that someone has to die, a life has to stop existing in this office. It will be a slow death, so slow that there will be no pleasure in the death of this life. I walk in with a blank face and smile at no one, every one still looks ugly but I force a smile to those who say hello to me. I get to my corner, place my handbag on the table, open it, take a paper and carve something on it with my pen…slowly, the pain begins to kick in, I’m about to do it…


The thing about flowing with the wind and doing things because you feel obliged to do them but you do not believe in them is that it will kill you, mercilessly. And as I carve the last inscription on this paper, my heart has no more blood to pump, it bleeds the last drop and I turn cold.




Thank you for stopping by



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