Hello loves…


red light


His presence in your life is a demon that reminds you of things gone wrong. The thing about things that don’t work out from the start is that you know, you are sure that you should let go but that is not something you are ready to do. You could do something, alright but you feel that you don’t have the strength to.


You have grown into him, it’s been six years and he’s actually grown more into you. You have had all his clothes cover you in one way or another, you have learnt the art of his body in your tee-shirts, you have learnt the creativity God used on him. With all the imperfections, he perfectly fits in and on you.


Today he woke up and said that he is leaving, coincidentally, Rihanna’s farewell is playing, you tried to shut that thing down but it’s actually playing in your head. Maybe, you should make him coffee but, he already has his mug in hand, you need to break that mug after he is done. Maybe you should help him with the packing, no maybe burning his clothes would be a better idea. Actually, going Carrie Underwood on his car would be the best thing, he won’t be able to leave. Rihanna is still playing, that damn song is still playing.


This man has been your punching bag, you have been his. You knew that this moment was coming, all the lights were red, baby, learn how to trust yourself a little more. You want to ask him so many questions, you really do. He should tell you why he is leaving, he probably already did when he broke the news but surely, it was neither him nor you. He has been your drug for six years and he expects you to stop the addiction in one morning, or maybe he wants you to die, that is actually a perfect call. Let him go and you can die in peace. Rihanna has such a line in that damn song, you hope.


He is finally done with the packing and he is pushing his cases to the car. He gets to the door, kisses you and gives you his key. You will miss his lips but you don’t want to seem weak.

“Goodbye,” he says

“Farewell,” Rihanna screams, you whisper.., “farewell.”

“Welcome,” your haunted house whispers.




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