My Pretty Black Brassiere…



He has undone this very bra from me one too many times, my black brassiere. It is a very pretty one. It has a little bit of lace and some neat knit-work and the straps are easy to play around with. You should know/see how well  it carries Jenna and Jhene, he’s seen that.

My black bra has been on me for a couple of year. It has some little tears but that never worries me, at least when I’m alone. It’s underwire has been peeking or staring at Jenna and I don’t think it’s sexy to him. He is possessive and so he is the only one who wants to leave marks on my body.

I should throw my black bra away. He should not undo it from me again. It is getting embarrasing when his fingers keep getting in some holes, it cools down their fire which is again, not sexy. His fingers keep being pricked by that wire under Jenna.

The problem is, my Pretty Black Brasseire and I are in one of those abusive relationships, in ways that we can’t let each other go. Something needs to give, him or her.

My Pretty Black Brassiere, or not…


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