Hello loves…



I am Cate Kabura and I PMS. Well, mine is pre- only meaning I have Premenstrual Syndrome and let’s talk about my symptoms…


#1. Wheat and me…

Wheat in this case might be trying to curtain the fact that it is always cake and many other carbs. On a regular I do not quite indulge because, flat tummy goals (which will never come) but when PMS is on, cake and muffins and cookies and ice-cream are the only things I’m thinking about. Not to forget, pizza, I want to marry them…


#2. Tears…

I laugh a lot, everybody knows this, no? PMS..,it makes me feel like I have 10 wells in me. Someone says some’ nice to me, “awwww, let’s cry.” Someone does something annoying, “aaaaaargh! I need to cry.” I watch a movie or read a book, I cry with the characters. I’m always saving my tears for this period.


#3. Dark days…

PMS makes me go deep into some tunnels and I swear during these periods I could act a soap opera as one of those ever-sad protagonists. I sink into sadness that doesn’t even exist (so I suspect). huuuuh! PMS you sad bitch.


#4. I could kill you…

Well, not literally but, you know. I’m always like, “let a bitch/nigga come at me, we’re going to hell together.” I get angry and bored real fast, 100 to -100 real quick. Moods are ever swinging all over the place, I could just kill you rynna!!!


#5. Sleep…

PMS and sleep are like tongue and saliva. Maaaahn, all I want to do all day is wake up, eat cake, sleep, then wake up, eat cake, sleep and repeat that all day.


#6. Feelings…

I feel fat (all that cake). I feel happy-for two seconds and then company (whatever company) becomes a nuisance. I feel sad, 99% of the damn time. I miss people-Hello Adele, you must have penned down someone like you from this other side. I feel I want to hug people-I’m a hugger but the hugging business at these times is on another level. I feel I don’t want to see people. I really feel so many things that I end up not knowing what I am really feeling.


#7. My PMS playlist…

Well, my hormones only agree to communicate with Florence + the Machine. Huuuh! Florence Welch, such a darling.


Well, how/what is your PMS?


Thank you for stopping by



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cess says:

    Same as yours sweetie…Very similar i can totally relate 😊

    1. misskabura says:

      haha, thank you for reading through

  2. Muthoni says:

    Gooood read

    1. misskabura says:

      Thank you so much, love and love

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