Hello loves



You missed her.

You rang her.

She had missed you.

Today I saw you two holding hands. She was resting on your shoulder, not crying but whispering things to you as you smiled, a smile I probably would never have stimulated.

I was past surviving us on my way to forgetting you. You were pain, joy, tears, you were many things that I had survived because that’s what strong hearts do when beaten black and blue.

I did not think being okay with everything included seeing you with someone, at least not in a month. Fuck! Did I mean nothing? Could I have been a trophy?

You missed her, I mourned you through the while.

You rang her, I wanted to hear your voice on the other end of the line so many nights.

She had missed you, thank you for killing all of me.


Thank you for stopping by



Words:© Miss Kabura


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