Hello loves…




The man who kissed me that evening…


I had had a couple of glasses of wine, nothing too much, my mind and body were still in sync.., until he kissed me.


I neither resisted nor agreed to the kiss. My friend missed this moment just as she had missed just as she had missed reading the language of his eyes on my body and mine on his talk all evening.


The man grabbed my hand, we were not going to dance in a cab. He smiled at how slow I was to take it back from him. I giggled, I’m weak and unashamed. His hands were strong I figured as they hastily moved to cap my humble breasts. I pulled in, he pulled me in, I cannot be really sure but I swear, I was sober until he grabbed my hand and said something… darn!!! He kissed me with his summer struck, winter touched lips.


He let go of my hand, gently pursing his lips away from mine, carelessly left his incense in my mouth. I did not beg for more, I did not ask him to go home, we could have gone out somewhere, he would have seen me to my door. I did not want all that, I just wanted his lips on mine, a little bit longer. I smiled and he said goodbye. He opened the cab’s door and again, he said ‘goodbye’. One time was not enough for him as it was not satisfying to me.


I think I want to dream about him tonight…



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