Hello loves…




I have a habit of breaking promises I make to myself…you


Your smile is magic, it makes me remember to forget how crazy you drive me. Every night when I have to sleep naked, just to pretend that you will keep me warm even in your absence. I hug myself tightly and listen to the wind whispering truths that I am not ready to take in. I keep my window open hoping that it will let you in should the wind blow you to me.


Then it’s tragic…you


You keep me waiting for too long but it feels healthy waiting for a dawn that will almost never break. When it breaks, every time it breaks it finds me falling…for you


I trust your hands to hold my being, I worship your lips, beg them for the kiss of life. These breathless seconds are everything I live for. I always hold all doors open for you to come in. I am always ready to die on whatever altar you prepare for us.


In old-fashion…you always find a way to slip away from my grip. I have a smile that fights back all the tears on these mornings.


This should be the last time I sip from your glass…promise


You are the most sane drug…broken




Thank you for stopping by



Images: Internet

Words: ©Misskabura


3 Comments Add yours

  1. stinah says:

    Beautiful piece

    1. misskabura says:


      Thank you so much

      1. stinah says:

        Hey ,Anytime dear.

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