Hello loves…

Let us write letters because letters are bae ♥



Dear dark-skin half,


I have been wanting to call you mine, well once more. But you somehow always seem to slip away with the break of dawn. It comes in soon and clears out too fast for me to witness your skin illuminate the room a little longer. These streets never seem to know your name and you remain the oblivion I have found a name for.


I am a broken record that has your name on repeat, “heart, heart, heart, heart…” Do not give up on me, wait for the moon to come up and you can be in my arms again. I will let you sing the rest of the words to this song and together we can complete the record, together.


I have named every chamber of my being after you, I am yours I was yours…I don’t know where morning leaves us.


You heart, you always disappear. You have mastered this art, perfectly and you always leave with a chamber…”I am yours,” you will come back and fix my disjointed being and make it whole again and I shall be yours, forever. Until you do though, I stay missing you.


Yours truly,

Dark-skin other half.



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Images: Internet

Words: ©MissKabura


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