Hello loves, 2016 is fading…




Let’s take a couple steps down memory lane and talk about my highlights of 2016, which might also be yours…shall we? But I must warn you that this might be full of music because it is music and I am yours truly…let’s look into 2016…



We found it or so we thought and just as fast we lost it. Now why is this a highlight? I also don’t know but well…I have fallen in and out of it, stopped believing in it and now believing in it after I got me a brother. Also, this quote from Ben Okri, “When you begin to fall in love with a place you have wounded deeply maybe it’s time to leave.” Let us talk about love in 2017


Come-back artist albums…

ANTI by Rihanna was the musical masterpiece this year, I won’t debate on this (ndikuguagua). Birdy’s Beautiful Lies…Laaaaawd! I love Birdy so much. Long Live the Angels by Emeli Sande, this is a well curated album, I cannot complain. Jojo’s Mad Love is that album every Jojo fan, including me has been waiting for and aren’t I glad she is back, Jojo, I love you. Solange Knowles’s A Seat at the Table is just amazing and we all have to agree that Solange becomes more refined album by album. Then, Common’s Black America Again and Alicia Keys’ Here, sombaree say amen!!! I was hoping Monique Kabuye would release Color Black season two but well…we’ll see how that goes in 2017



I cleared my undergrad studies and as it is, I am just waiting for 2017 to bring what 2017 will bring.


The several deaths…

Many stars we have grown up watching and listening to have died this year-Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Papa Wemba and a lot more. Well, 2016 has made us understand that the world ain’t yo’ mama. I hope 2017 continues to spare Sade.


Fifth Fourth No Harmony…

Well, Camila Cabello left the girl group and I am surprised that everyone is acting surprised about this move. I mean, from the very day Fifth Harmony introduced themselves to us we all saw/felt that Camila was different from the rest (I don’t think we even cared to know the other girls’ names). Anyway, we are just glad that unlike Harry Styles, Camila was strong enough to step out and do her thaaang. Let us see how 2017 goes for her.


Live gigs in Nairobi…

Starting off with my favorite, AKUA NARU LIVE!!! This was so amazing, her energy, poetic depth, stage presence, Akua is bae. Then there was Swahili Ally, this man with his kora, his band, his maaad vocals and his music in Chidigo. He has to be one of the best performers I have watched this year and he had me following him around town when he was here. Checkmate Mido (the other guy I have been following around town). Checkmate will perform for hours and give you, the audience no chance to sit, yes! he is that amazing. Atemi Oyungu and her energy that she makes sure is transmitted to her audience, she is an amazing ball of fire. Edufa the play, this was definitely the best play I watched, I thank God they decided to re-show it (wrong English but I don’t give a hoot). Dear promoters, please, more Swahili Ally in 2017, yes? thank you.



Yaaaaasss Laaawd!!! He’s been rocking us all year and almost made everyone forget that there are other musicians in Kenya, something like Kendrick Lamar, ‘I was gonna kill a couple of rappers but they did it to themselves, Everybody suicidal they don’t even need my help!!!”. I have tried so hard to contain my excitement but we must all agree that Shinski is the maaaahn!!! All hail Shinski. I can’t wait for 2017, his performances, more music, I just can’t wait.


The end…

2016  has been a good, difficult, amazing…it has been all sorts of everything. But I am hoping 2017 will be better and these numerologists should stop telling us that Will and Jada are going to break-up, I mean, three consecutive years even I know it doesn’t work that way.



Thank you for stopping by


Images: Internet

Words: ©MissKabura


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