Hello loves…

Here is the last day of my year and y’all know I have a little some that is not at this point but some-some. This year I am just sharing simple statements without much expounding. Welcome to the post…

#1. Changing to get to a place you feel good about the person you are is part of fully embracing yourself and coming to term with you flaws. Don’t be afraid.

#2. No one is as beautiful as you. Not in this universe or any other parallel one.

#3. Fear is a scary affair but it is okay and it makes every experience beautiful.

#4. Love immensely and vulnerably and allow yourself to be loved.

#5. You have plans for you and the universe has its plans for you…pray it all aligns.

#6. Be woman however you want to and allow others to be women however they want to.

#7. You are a woman who cannot be tamed.

#8. It is okay to cry, beauty is only known to those who have been broken.

#9. “One day you will know, some day.” by an African author, I think Ben Okri.

#10. Where is perfect?…We are all okay, smile.

#11. 23 has been a great year and I have known pain, felt good and smiled more than I have, it feels great.

#.5. Of course has to be, “My name is Cate Kabura and I will die, some day.

It’s been a good year here too, keep smiling.

Thank you for stopping by


Love_and_Light ❤💥


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