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You will wake up to listen to the rain because it is sexy. You like the chills it creates but still manages to carry warmth with it. You like the anger with which the raindrops hit the ground and love how they are able to let everything settle in its place. You will then want to close your eyes and fall into a world where all there is is rain and you.


You will then open your eyes, hurriedly and grab a mirror. Your eyes, they are an empty ocean, almost dry, they are a desert with light showers. You love him but you hate that he does not feel like rain, you digress a little. You love how your eyes compliment your smile and you love them this way, empty, dry. This absence of emotion feels like power. You are a little scared of the predominant darkness that looms in them so you drop the mirror.


You like the contrasting sounds of the mirror breaking and the rain hitting your window pane, they could make beautiful music. This comes with a wave of calm and you can feel yourself smiling. There is need to let go of the blankets and illuminate your world with all this calm. Everything is beautiful but you have the feeling that something might flip, “too much of a good thing won’t be good for long,” Sam Smith must have known you in a past life. So you sit and allow yourself to enjoy the rain a little more.



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Image 1: Ruto

Image 2: @agovisuals

Words: ©MissKabura


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